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Specializing in hand turned and carved hardwood  containers from
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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In John Berger's skilled hands, wood has become a fine art medium. In his home studio, he produces remarkably graceful, finely executed wooden pots that go far beyond the utilitarian functions of a storage vessel. His wooden works are a type of canvas that he leaves unadorned in their natural glory or expressively finished with a wide range of his self-made wood dyes and oils, that only serve to enhance his intricately carved patterns.

"It wasn't always my intention to make a living as a woodworker; however
as a child I knew that I would be involved in some type of a creative field as an adult. I've always liked art. In fact, growing up drawing and building with wood were some of my favorite activities."

In college, Berger began to make expertly crafted wood furniture for his family, prompting others to begin asking for pieces for their own homes. In 1998, this eventually led to his deciding to focus fulltime on the production of carved containers and other wooden vessels. He then began selling his work in several galleries through out the Southwest.

In 1999, at the request of a good friend in need of a container for his brother's ashes, Berger made his first urn. The funeral home that handled the job, asked if they could purchase some of the urns. Over the next several years, his funeral home and crematory client base grew.

In 2005, Berger became a member and supplier of the Cremation Association of North America. Then in 2007, he was a supplier at the National Funeral Directors Association annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Making each individual urn with his own hands, Berger takes the humble process of woodcraft into a new dimension of beauty and inspired creative form, thereby elevating functional wooden urns into beautiful objects of fine art.